Purchase Agreement

The purchase of a photographic print or digital image taken at a show DOES NOT include the license to reproduce or copy the photo unless already stated upon purchase. This means you may only reproduce the image yourself after being granted Written Permission by Jeanie Eaton. There may be an additional fee for the use that you are considering. The charges for reproducing an image depend on how it will be used, whether it will appear in an editorial context (show results, awards, articles) or in advertising or for personal use.

I am aware that the photographs that I am to receive are copyrighted, and all rights are retained by Jeanie Eaton. Photos may ONLY be reproduced with permission from Jeanie Eaton.  

I may not scan, photocopy, or copy them via any other means; I may not send photos to magazines or electronic media unless written permission is granted by Jeanie Eaton

I may not remove watermarks from digital images or edit the image in any way from its original version unless written permission is granted for such use. 


Onetulsa Photography

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